How easy is it to maintain windows from Windows Hawaii?

How to maintain your Hawaii windows. Let's take, for example, the double hung. To do maintenance on this window, all you have to do is just operate it, make sure that it's working. There is nothing that you can do as a customer. The only thing is cleaning the windows.

To clean the windows, you have two latches right here. So you can open it up a little bit and then undo the latches, clean the outside pane. Another thing you can do is remove the pane and you do the same thing here. You can clean, you can remove, and then you can do your screen. To clean your screen, the best thing to do is with the vacuum in place so you don't have to wet it.

So the less water you use, the better off you are. This window here has a frame that is made out of extruded aluminum. And this aluminum will not pit, will not blister, will not go bad. If it does, all you have to do is call us and then we replace it at no cost to you as part of the warranty. So once you do that, you can put them back. And then you clean the inside and you're pau.