What is retrofit window replacement?

Why retrofit? That is a great question. There is a way to determine if the window has to be retrofitted, or use a nail fin, which is made for new construction types. The retrofit, which is made for replacing an existing window frame, we leave it in place, the frame. The main thing is that a lot of customers don't know, and we are experts. We have to come out and determine which frame we have to work, because it's not a cookie cutter kind of thing.

It's not one size fits all. Some applications require that we do retrofit, some applications require that we don't. We might be able to use, I mean, RBO, which is the retrofit bottom only, or we can use the block frame. It all depends. So, like I said, not all the windows are the same, so the frame that we're going to use is based on what you have in place.

So that's why it's imperative that we go and take a look at it. Another thing is what's the benefits of the retrofit against the nail fin? Well, like I said, it's not really up to me. It's up to the situation that we have in front of us, because retrofit will seal all around, and nail fin will seal all around, all around. But the main thing is the application that you do it on. Nail fin is for new construction.

You got to remember that. And the retrofit is to replace an existing window, so if that makes any sense. I mean, there's two different ways. There is a better way and the right way, so we do it the right way.