Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



With over 15 years of experience, Windows Hawaii is the best choice for window, doors, and siding needs. We know major home renovations can be daunting. Mario and the Team of experts are here to help! Here, Mario answers a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Mario says:
The main reason is customer service. The customer service that we provide is parallel to none. There is no other company in the market right here in Hawaii that does the customer service that we do. Learn more here.
Mario says:
It depends on the quality, configuration, and style of windows you like as well as what type of frame your particular installation requires. It is a good idea to consult with a window expert prior to making any decision as there are several other factors to consider other than price. 
Mario says:
This is a broad question, let's concentrate on the types of frames there are; there are 4 different types of frames any window can be ordered as.
  1. Nail Fin = new construction
  2. Retrofit = the recommended method by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards when replacing an existing window.
  3. RBO = (Retro Bottom Only) for use on sloped sills.
  4. Block frame = for use on single wall construction. 
Mario says:
The actual removal and replacing of windows can be done in a few hours if installed by experts.
Mario says:
The majority of the time, windows are something homeowners never think about replacing until the windows become a burden or they just plainly don’t operate properly. Sometimes, that might be too late! You should be proactive and replace windows when:
  1. You just know.
  2. When your windows are difficult to maneuver. 
  3. When you hear the wind more than your spouse.
  4. When you want to increase the curb appeal of your home to impress the neighbors or are simply getting ready for a real estate transaction. 
Mario says:
It depends! There are dealers that only take 10 to 15 minutes and provide you with a verbal quote. Then, there are dealers that take their time to find out what the customer is looking for. What do you want to accomplish by replacing your windows? And, why do you want to change them? This can take a couple of hours to make sure you are getting what you are looking for.
Mario says:
With Hawaii's unique climate, the best window would be a window that blocks the sun as well as blocks all, if not, the majority of UV rays. You should also take into consideration ventilation. At Windows Hawaii, we provide the best windows to fit your needs.
Mario says: 
Now, as businesses are getting back into the rhythm of things, there are companies that charge you a fee that they would apply towards your purchase. Generally speaking, estimates are free of charge. Call us today to schedule a free estimate! 
Mario says:
Due to everything that has happened these last few years, having to stay home, more and more people decided to invest in their homes instead. Traveling WAS not appealing as there were so many restrictions in place, it just didn’t make sense to travel. Now, most of the big dealers that carry quality products are really busy, expect a 6 to 10 months lead time.
Mario says:
Let's take, for example, the double hung. To do maintenance on this window, all you have to do is just operate it, make sure that it's working. There is nothing that you can do as a customer. The only thing is cleaning the windows. Learn more here.

We go through a learning process. We provide the samples and explain the benefits of each window. Learn more here.

The retrofit is made for replacing an existing window frame. Whereas nail fin is for new construction. Not all windows are the same, so the frame that we're going to use is based on what you have in place. Learn more here.

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